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"The Russians used a pencil...": The Geeks at the Gate Episode 42 - Stranger Things 3

Matt, Hat and Regie got together in the old shop to discuss Stranger Things. Click on the image below to go to the Download Page, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts.

The "Magnum P.I." vibe that Hopper was giving off came up, and Regie suggested you all should watch this video...

...which we will never, ever get tired of watching.

Paralells were drawn with the classic early eighties move 9 to 5, and it was mentioned that a sequel was in the works. The best info we can find on that is here.

As part of a discussion about how the USSR and the USA had different attitudes to tech and complexity Regie went off on one about the different approaches that N.A.S.A. and the Russian Space Agency RoSCOSMOS have, and suggested you watch a Soyuz launch. One is below - check out the stick for pushing buttons...

Incidentally, during this section Regie bangs on about "his time as The Rocketman" - for clarification, when he was a teacher he ran Rocket Clubs at his school, and his first attempt to get out of teaching was to found "Rocketman Adventures", a company which worked with Schools and Youth Groups to design and build rockets to complete challenges while education about Space Science. It didn't work because nobody had any budget for it, so he bought a comic shop. But he still loves blowing stuff up and blasting it as high as it can go...

For the record, he was an English teacher...

That seems to be it - The Geeks at the Gates is a Copyright Feature from Venus Rising Media. All rights are reserved, but feel free to share with attribution. The Geeks at the Gates features music by Stephen G. Saunders.

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