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"All the glitter and hairspray you'll ever need..." The Geeks at the Gates Episode 43

Season 3 of GLOW has been and gone, so superfans Alice, Hat and Regie got together in the old shop to discuss it - and the show as a whole.

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At time of posting we haven't been broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio, but we're assured we will be - and you should check it out anyway, because it's pretty cool. Check them out here: https://harrogatecommunityradio.online/

Regie mentioned Marc Maron's WTF podcast, which can be found at http://www.wtfpod.com/. He also mentioned that Maron interviewed President Obama - who came to Maron's garage. That episode can be found here: http://marcmeetsobama.com/index

Bash Howard's drug supplying robot (known as the GLOWbot) came up in discussion, and Regie insisted that the robot was a real thing you could get in the eighties. He was sort of right. The GLOWbot was a creation of the GLOW design team, but it was essentially a glammed up version of the Hero 2000 robot, which you can see here:

Regie also mentioned a toy called "Big Trak" - a toy that was at the top of his Birthday and Christmas lists for the first half of the eighties, and which tragically he never got. But so you know what he was on about, this is it:

The Geeks at the Gates is a copyright feature of Venus Rising Media, and features music by Steven G. Saunders. All rights are reserved.


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