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Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - "Upside down Enterprise: Spaceship Picks part 2

We're back in time, recording in the old shop when it was still "The Shop" with the second part of Matt, Hat, Helen and Regie's discussion of the best fictional spaceships ever.

Everyone's first and second picks were in last week's episode, so we're starting this week with round 3

Matt's third pick was the Phoeonix from Battle of the Planets. Both he and Regie were big fans and discussed the opening title sequence at some length. This is it:

Helen's third pick was the ID4 alien fighter from Independence day. This one:

Hat's third choice was the U.S.S. Voyager from the Star Trek series of the same name:

She recommended the episode Bride of Chaotica as "The best holodeck episode in Star Trek". This can be found streaming on Netflix, and doubtless other places too.

Regie's third pick was The Liberator from the late seventies BBC show Blakes's Seven:

Mention was made of the crash of the Scorpio, the ship which replaced the Liberator on the show - this is her:

Having been beaten to The Liberator, Matt noticed that nobody had snagged the U.S.S. Enterprise, so went for it for his fourth pick - specifically this version:

Helen's fourth pick was the shea ark from the PC game Creatures which it turns out is rally hard to find pictures of. But here is one:

Hat's fourth round pick was the classic Klingon Bird of Prey:

Fourth pic for Regie was the USS Valley Forge from Silent running:

Regie remembered three forest domes - as you can see, there were more than that...

Matt's final round pick was another classic - the ship used by the V.C.s from the 2000 AD comic strip of the same name:

Neither Matt nor Regie (who also had fond memories of the ship) could remember it having a name, and research for these notes has turned up nothing, so we're guessing it never got one.

Matt mentioned the design of the V.C.s space suits - this is what they looked like:

Helen's final round pick was the Righteous Indignation from the Bucky O'Hare cartoon:

Helen also raved about the opening title sequence of the show, so here it is:

Hat's final choice was the Blackbird from Battlestar Galactica:

Regie's final pick was nearly a Babylon 5 Star Fury fighter:

But in the end he went for the Clara Pandy, from 2000 AD's "The Ballad of Halo Jones" strip:

Steve wasn't able to attend, but he sent in his picks with Helen. They were:

Red Dwarf

Discovery 1 from 2001

Serenity - which Regie beat him to on account of turning up to the recording

Lexx from Lexx

Fireball XL-5

Special mention to the Carrier from The Authority

The Geeks at the Gates is a copyright feature of Venus Rising Media, and does not, for this episode, feature the music of Steven G. Saunders. We acknowledge the copyright holder of the theme to Fireball XL-5.