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The Wednesday Waffle Issue: - The Saucer Awards 2019

Hello!!!!! It's been a while - nearly six months in fact - but the Waffle is baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!

It's December, so the year is ending and it's time to look back at the year that was as we vote for the Second Annual Saucer Awards! Nominations have closed, and these are the candidates vying for your votes - as nominated by YOU!


Greg Capullo (Batman: Last Knight On Earth)

Gregg Capullo's most prominent work this year was (is, issue #3 isn't out yet) on Batman: Last Knight on Earth, but that's far from the only thing you'll know him for. Here's a page:

Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise XXV / Five Years)

Terry Moore made a lot of nineties indie fans very, very happy in 2018 when he brought back Strangers in Paradise and happier still when he continued the saga in Five Years. He has such a solid,graceful, clean flowing line - as seen here:

Rachael Smith (Stand in your Power)

Full disclosure - Rachael is an old friend of the shop, but we will, of course, maintain professional impartiality.

This year Rachael published Stand in your Power, the follow-up to her excellent Wired up Wrong. Her style is the most "cartoony" of the finalists, but also perhaps the most expressive.

(We're telling Liv...)

Stjepan Sejic (Harleen)

Where do we even start? The delicacy and fragility of line here is nothing short of exquisite.