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Geeks at the Gates on the Radio and on the Podcast - Shownotes for "Corrupting Alice: The Docto

Discussing the battle of Canary Wharf, Regie mentioned that the Doctor and Rose on opposite sides of the dimensional wall had been recreated in so many Apple stores. This is the sort of thing he meant:

(According to the Pinterest page I stole this from, this was actually a library, not an Apple store, and we would like to encourage you to spend more time in libraries...)

When we got on to discussing the Donna era we all agreed that the chemistry between Tennent and Tate was exceptional, and as an example Regie mentioned that David Tennent and Catherine Tate had appeared on the BBC comedy music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks. This is part of it, and it's glorious.

Regie also mentioned their appearance together as Beatrice and Bennedict in Much Ado about Nothing. Here's a flavour of that too...

In the discussion of the episode Blink we all mentioned the statues on the roof of the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre in Harrogate. If you listen on Harrogate Community Radio, you already know what we're talking about. If you're listening to the Podcast elsewhere in the world, this is them:

And in a wider shot:

Regie has always agreed with writer Bill Bryson's thoughts on these statues. In the excellent meditation on nineties Britain Notes on a Small Island he opined:

"For reasons I couldn’t begin to guess at, a balustrade along the roofline had been adorned with life-sized statues of ordinary men, women and children. Goodness knows what this is meant to suggest — I suppose that this is some sort of Hall of the People — but the effect is that it looks as if two dozen citizens of various ages are about to commit mass suicide."

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