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"You can't build an Empire on a Poisonous Fruit" Geeks at the gates on the Radio 27th

Yet more D&D Adventures! But first:


Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson 1918 - 2020. Noted mathematician and one of the women who calculated the trajectories that took the Apollo Project to the Moon and (the tricky bit) got them back again. Click on the image for more info.


Jens Nygaard Knudsen 1942-2020. Lego designer responsible for the iconic "mini-figure". Click the image for more info about a man who has had a massive indluence on the early lives of a lot of geeks.


New Moon

Astronomers have found a new moon - about the size of a car - orbiting the Earth. More at the end of this link...

New pictures of Jupiter

Not in any way radio gold - images don't really work on the radio. But here are some of the stunning images Regie was talking about:

More here:

On to the game!


Emanon, the dyspraxic half-elf Paladin, Grit, the profoundly unsocial Dwarf Druid and Nyx, the massively socially awkward Tiefling arrived in Helmsport clutching fliers for the Guild of Wanderers.

The did a bit of shopping, ascended to the main part of the town and found the offices of the Guild, where they were asked to battle some rats in a cellar.

Emerging victorious from their fight with giant rodents, they were told that before they could join the Guild, they would need to complete a task...

Now listen on, and we'll see you next week!

The Geeks at the Gates is a Copyright feature from Venus Rising Media, featuring music by Steben G. Saunders and Tabletop Audio. All rights are acknowledged and reserved.

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