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The Daily Waffle - Issue Two

Hello! The video version of this will appear below at some point (having a dickens of a job uploading it to YouTube and Facebook won't cross-post).


In the light of last night's broadcast by the PM, I'm currently unclear whether the delivery I'm expecting tomorrow will actually turn up. Even if it does I'm not sure I can justify putting all of you at risk by bringing them to your houses. I don't know who packed them, or what their infection status was, for a start.

I do know that if it does arrive, it'll be the last delivery from Diamond for some time. The company has gone into shut down on both sides of the Atlantic, and although they've not been verified, I've seen reports that the printers have stopped the presses until this is all over. It's going to be a while before any kind of normal service will be resumed.

I will, of course, keep you posted.


Everything has shut down, but the bills keep on coming in. Over the next few days I'm going to send every standing order customer a list of what I'm holding for them in the form of an electronic invoice. There will be a payment due date on that which you can feel free to ignore - it's only there because the system insists on it.

however, please, if you possibly can, pay that invoice - or at least part of it. If Destination Venus is going to survive this, I have to keep the company solvent. If you don't have anything held for you, please consider buying some gift vouchers.

If you're not earning because of the shutdown and can't afford to do this, don't worry - I understand. But if you can, you have no idea how much it would be appreciated. The COVID-19 shutdown really is a threat to the survival of the shop.


As we mentioned yesterday, we're going to run a comics creating contest. I was going to start this tomorrow (and I think that's what I said in the video) but I'm actually going to start it on Thursday to give us a day to publicise it a bit. The idea really is to get people working creatively and give everyone something to do - kids especially.

At 10.30am on Thursday I'm going to do a live online version of the "Let's make Comics" presentation I do for schools and libraries over on the Facebook Page to get people started and pass on some top tips. We'll then be encouraging people to make their own comics, scan/photograph them and send them to us over Social Media or via email.

We'll put everything sent on on our website, and once the lockdown is over our talented panel of expert judges will pick winners. For the sake of simplicity we're breaking contestants down into age groups as follows:


School Key Stage 1

School Key Stage 2

School Key Stage 3


School Key Stage 4

School Key Stage 5