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The Daily Waffle: Issue Three

Since it took all day yesterday to upload the video for embedding, we're not doing that today. If you'd rather watch the video version of this, click the link to the Facebook page:


Diamond went into full shutdown yesterday. This means that although they moved Heaven and Earth to get this week's stuff to the UK, it's now sitting in a warehouse in Runcorn until further notice. We'll keep you posted.

In line with Government advice, we're not delivering either - at least not until we are sure that we're not carrying the virus. We like all of you far too much to bring boxes of plague to your doorstep.


As we said yesterday, we're going to be contacting all Standing Order customers with an invoice for everything we're holding for you. If you are able to settle all or some of that invoice, you'll be helping keep Destination Venus in business. If you want to support us further and buy some gift vouchers for future use, that also helps. Whatever you can do, we appreciate.

BUT if you can't do that because you're on lockdown and you're not earning either we understand. Please do not feel pressured.


Officially begins tomorrow. We won't have the available bandwidth here at Venusian Towers today because Mrs Venus (who has a proper job) is going to be using Skype to interview candidates for an important job at the charity where she works.

We will be doing a shorter introductory presentation at 10.30am as promised.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow - until then, be kind to yourself, be kind to everyone else and stay home if you possibly can.