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Picks of the Week(s) 11th-26th May

All the comics we made picks of the week this week (and last week, since we're experiencing extended time between deliveries...) - click the cover to go to the purchase page. The list is updated every day, so keep checking back!


Mary Jane is back in New York, having completed the Mysterio Biopic she was making in L.A. But as she hits the chat show circuit to promote the film, she realises that somebody very bad news indeed has taken an interest in her. And so she's catapulted into a new and entirely unwelcome adventure - one that will take her places she does not want to go, and will separate her from her beloved Peter Parker. Perhaps forever... This book has been an underrated gem from the start - if you're not already reading it, this is a good place to correct that mistake and jump on board!


Giant-Size X-Men Nightcrawler

Mutants have a new home. The old X-Mansion in Westchester New York is abandoned - but something keeps triggering the gate. It's up to Nightcrawler and his team to find out what's happening at the old school - is there a threat to the island of Krakoa? A good solid mystery with just a hint of creepiness...


Killing Red Sonja Issue 1 Cover

This story takes place after Red Sonja issue 12, but you don't need to have read any of that. This is the story of a boy whose father was killed by Red Sonja. Don't worry, the guy had it coming, but that doesn't make his son, who grew up idolising his father, as sons so often do. And so, a very strange and probably ill-advised quest for vengeance begins...


No One's Rose

In a world where climate change destroyed most of life on Earth, the only surviving human city is "The Green Zone", a domed habitat where the last 30,000 humans have create a peaceful, agrarian society dedicated to re-greening the Earth. Tenn is dedicated to this cause. Her brother Seren is less convnced and is determined to tear this fragile topia down. This is a SciFi mystery thriller that is less about the environmental causes that created the world of the story and much more about the hum