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Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - Show notes for 20th August 2020 "Together or not at all"

So, Hat and Regie continue to corrupt Alice by dragging her through the whole of the modern era of Doctor Who.

During the discussion of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Regie mentioned the very poor dinosaur effects in the classic Who story Invasion of the Dinosaurs. This is what he meant:

And actually, that's perhaps not all that bad for the early seventies...

Mention was also made of the Birdie Song. Please feel free to not watch this monstrosity, but if you're unfamiliar with it take a look at one of the worst things in eighties entertainment:

Then in the discussion about the departure of Amy and Rory both Hat and Regie went on a bit about their jump from the roof of a building "Toegether or not at all"...

Then there was some discussion of Adric's death during the time of the Fifth Doctor.

Note that Regie mis-remembered it slightly, but he's getting old and he's only seen it a couple of times since it first aired in the 1982...

During the discussion of the episode The Snowmen Mr Punch, and Punch and Judy shows came up. They're not that common these days, so if you've never seen one, this is what they're like:

And finally - there was one science story about a galaxy with a heartbeat. Read all about it HERE

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