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Geeking with Destination Venus Episode #15: Space Maaaaaaan...

Regie is an idiot and he forgot to push the launch button on the show notes! Here they are at last. Click on the image below to go to the download page, search listen again on Harrogate Community Radio or search Geeking with Destination Venus wherever you get your podcasts.


ISS Peril

There was some unscheduled acrobatics at the International Space Station. Check out the details HERE.

We got 29 problems and engines are all of them...

There was some discussion about Space X's Starship test launch, and the dangers presented by the fact that the craft's first stage required 29 engines. See the details HERE.

Starliner launch delayed

We discussed that Boeing are struggling with their Starliner spacecraft. More on that HERE.


Free Comic Book Day

We need to be clear that Free Comic Book Day 2021 was intended to take place on Saturday 14th August. Because of issues with shipping we have moved Free Comic Book Day to 28th August.

That Lawsuit:

Scarlet Johansen is suing Disney. More HERE.

Batman 89 costume News!

It was the late eighties. Regie thought Batman was the Acme of reasons superheroes were stupid. Then Tim Burton made BATMAN and his view changed forever.

So now, the release of character designs for a comic that continues the Tim Burton movies?! There is a lot of enthusiasm.

More HERE.

And actually, given that Batdance is an awful, awful track, we'll throw in Party Man too...

That's better. Seriously, late eighties Prince was the absolute best - and we reckon you can wee what we mean about basing the Joker on him...