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Geeking with Destination Venus Episode #43: Obi-Wan and She-Hulk...

Welcome to the show notes for the forty third episode of Geeking with Destination Venus! Click on the image below to go to the download page, listen on Harrogate Community Radio or simply search for Geeking with Destination Venus wherever you find your podcasts.

We started with the Obi-Wan trailer:

And let's be honest, there was a lot to like...

And then, because it's hard to avoid Regie looked at the ways geeks are getting involved in the resistance to the Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine. Read more about the Anonymous hacking of Russian TV HERE. You can read more about the hacking of electric vehicle chargers HERE.

Then on to happier things. Regie is really looking forward to Tatiana Maslany raising a new banner (see what we did there?) and becoming Jessica Walters, the She-Hulk on Disney+. Images of her in the role have been kept under close wraps, but - of all people - Thermos, the vacuum flask company accidentally leaked some photos by putting images of She-Hulk merch on the Amazon website. They were rapidly taken down, but this is the internet, so you can view them on the CBR website HERE.

In movie news it seems that the forthcoming Flash and Aquaman movies are being pushed back to 2023. Read more HERE. On the other hand, Fury of the Gods, the sequel to Shazam is going to make an earlier than planned appearance. Read more HERE.

Over the street at Marvel we've got some news on the forthcoming animated series I am Groot. Read more HERE.

Then on to Science news. We started with the news that a project using genetically modified mosquitos as a pest control measure. Read more HERE.

Then there was the reassuring news that although there are species of spiders that hunt in packs they are reacting to vibration, not to some controlling intelligence. Still the stuff of nightmares. Read more HERE if you dare.

Back over in Ukraine we have the news that the Chernobyl nuclear site has lost power, meaning that the spent radioactive fuel is no longer being cooled. Don't worry, it's probably not as bad as that sounds. Read more HERE.

After all of that we went on to explore space. NASA is opening up some pristine Moon Rock samples - the first time this has been done in forty years - as preparations for the Artemis project continue. More HERE and