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The Wednesday Waffle Issue #32: The road back...

It's going to be a short Waffle this week, but for the best reason possible - we're busy getting ready to re-open on Monday!

That's right! Monday 17th April is the grand re-opening.

We're going to have to take it slightly more slowly than we'd like though. In a perfect world we'd be open 10am - 6pm every day, but it's not a perfect world. One of the ways we covered our losses during lockdown was for Regie to go back to tutoring, and with assessments coming up his students have to take priority for now - so for the first few weeks our opening hours will be as follows:

Monday: CLOSED (Special opening 1pm-6pm Monday 17th May.)

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: OPEN 1pm - 6pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: OPEN 1pm - 6pm

Saturday: OPEN 10am - 6pm

We are obviously looking to expand those hours as soon as we can, so we'll keep you updated.

During lockdown we offered free delivery in Harrogate, Knaresborough and occasionally Ripon and further afield. We've given that service some thought and have decided that we'll keep it going - if you can't get in to the shop let us know, we'll send you an invoice and deliver your comics on a Friday morning.

Right - we're off to continue getting everything ready for you. All that remains is to thank you all once again for your support during the various lockdowns since March last year. We very nearly didn't make it, but with the tremendous support from our wonderful regular customers we did.

Now it's time to look to the future. If we can stay on top of the pandemic Thought Bubble will be back in town in November, and there'll be a proper Free Comic Book Day in August. We're not getting back to what used to be "normal". Frankly we're hoping to move on to something better...

We'll look forward to seeing you on Monday and beyond. Until then, be kind to yourself, be kind to everyone else, stay safe, stay geeky and LOVE COMICS!


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