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"What's on the Rack Issue#47: No, I wasn't in a fight!

Still no time for a complete rundown on this page, and the sales page for this week's rack won't be fully up until later either. This is what happens when you have eye surgery at the start of the week, it completely throws off your schedule!

Anyway - we have this week's video for you at least. Enjoy!

Oh, and because we said we would - here's the best example of the Star Wars Holiday Special we could find on YouTube.

Be warned. It is really bad. If you watch it, you'll never unsee it. Although it's worth skipping through to find the cartoon that is the first appearance of Boba Fett. That's actually pretty good in a "late seventies kids cartoon" kind of way...

There's also a pretty good Stuff you Should Know podcast episode on how this atrocity got made. Listen HERE.


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