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Daily Waffle Issue Five


The video from yesterday's live session and full details of the comics making contest are available on a dedicated page on our website. Click the image below to go straight there:

Make comics with Destination Venus logo

The quality of the video on the page is not always great - there is now a link on the page to take you to the Facebook version, which for reasons I don't pretend to understand is a significantly better resolution.

The contest will run until the day after we are told we are no longer in lockdown.


Customers had asked about buying gift vouchers online for use once all of this is over. Thank you to everyone who bought some yesterday - and who pointed out the glitch in the way they were set up.

That is now fixed - just make sure that you select the "Free pick up in store" shipping option at checkout to ensure that you only pay for the value of vouchers you have purchased. If you accidentally pay postage on vouchers I will either add that value to your vouchers, or refund it.

When you buy vouchers online you will receive an email containing a unique code for each £5.00 voucher you have bought. These codes can be used either online or in store, can be passed to other people and never expire. They can only be used once, however.

If you'd like to buy some vouchers, just click the image!

DEstination Venus Logo

That's it for today. Back tomorrow, until then, be kind to yourself, be kind to everyone else, and get making comics!