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The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety One


An issue has blown up in the wider comics community this week that I feel I have to address head on.

The way women have been treated in our community has often been very, very bad indeed and we've been ignoring it for too long.

This is a business website, not a political one. But as a man who has been in and around comics for more than thirty years I feel I do have to say something.

I'm not going to write it all down, it would take too long and be too ranty. (The video took three attempts and I still think it's too long and too preachy. Sorry.) I'm giving my voice, for what it's worth. Take a look at the video if you want to know my thoughts. But nobody needs a white knight here. Far more important than listening to me is listening to the women in comics, because they are the people we should have been listening to all along:

Here are some Twitter accounts to start with, in no particualar order:

Wine & Zine


Wine & Zine is a collective made up of 5 artistic ladies from all over the UK

Shelly Bond, Editor-at-Large

Editor, former boss at Vertigo and Black Crown.

Natasha Alterici

Queer artist/writer. I created that one lesbian viking comic; Heathen.


Women making comics

Gail Simone

Writer of comics and animation, greyhound owner, bear, superhero guru

G. Willow Wilson

Hugo, World Fantasy, and American Book Award-winning author of novels and comics. John Boyega stan account.

Rachael Smith

Creator of comics! She/Her Currently doing daily #QuarantineComix please check them out!

Magdalene Visaggio

live fast be trash - Expat Virginian - DEATH RATTLE - DC Comics

Kelly Sue DeConnick