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The Daily Waffle: Episode One Hundred!!!!

OUR DELIVERY IS LATE THIS WEEK Diamond sent it to the Cinema. I should have everything tomorrow. DREDD-FULLY IMMERSIVE Drokk! You will soon be able to visit the Big Meg! Well, sort of. Opening next spring, Judge Dredd: Uprising! The Live Experience will feature five separate zones of physical and mental challenges, a lazer tag arena and everything else you need to immerse yourself in the world of Mega-City One. Check out the trailer! CBLDF BOARD MEMBERS STEP DOWN Following the resignation of its director in the wake of sexual assault allegations, three members of the board have announced that they are stepping down. Full details HERE. WE HAVE NEWS ABOUT THE RE-OPENING OF DESTINATION VENUS! W

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Nine

WE HAVE NEWS ABOUT THE RE-OPENING OF DESTINATION VENUS! We can't tell you much, because we aren't announcing the date yet - but here's the road map we have so far: We're not re-opening on 4th July, because the cinema isn't - so you will have to wait for us a little longer. We have a date for the re-opening of the Everyman Harrogate, but they haven't announced it yet and we don't want to scoop them. When we do re-open, initially at least, hours will be limited and as a result we will most likely be in-store only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the meantime deliveries will continue as they have since comics went back into distribution back in May. The end of all this may not be entirely in sig

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Eight

NO VIDEO TODAY - WE'RE STILL EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES RIP MILTON GLASER If you're not a design nerd, you might not have heard of Milton Glaser, who has died aged ninety one. From a comics point of view, he's the guy who designed the "DC Bullet" logo - this one: This is still the logo I think of when I think of DC Comics. Others may know him for this: His name may not be well known - but his work will live on. WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHEN WE'RE RE-OPENING, BUT EXPECT NEWS SOON Nothing it add to that really. Plans remain fluid - we'll let you know. WOMEN TO FOLLOW Here are some Twitter accounts to start with, in no particular order - we welcome suggestions: Rachael Stott @RachaelAtWork

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Seven

NO VIDEO TODAY - WE'RE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN Or at least they will be soon - the second season of the TV adaptation of Garth Ennis's foul mouthed, blasphemous, politically incorrect, purile, violent and gratuitously offensive masterpiece hits Amazon Prime on 4th September. We confess to having thoroughly enjoyed season one, having previously thought the series to be unfilmable. It certainly shows the adaptation of Ennis's other opus Preacher how such things should be done. The only question now, is will they have a go at adapting the "Herogasm" storyline - because if they pull that off (no pun intended) they really will have broken some boundries... W

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Six

ANOTHER GIANT LEAVES US. REST IN PEACE JOE SINNOTT Joe Sinnott, one of the finest inkers ever to grace a comics page has left us aged 93. Perhaps best known for his work inking over Jack Kirby - notably on The Fantastic Four, Sinnott's relationship with Marvel actually stretched right the way back to 1951, in the days when the company was still publishing under the Atlas Comics label. There will be more detailed obituaries written about this great artist today, and tributes from people who knew and worked with him. We were simply fans, and we loved his work. THE COMICS COMMUNITY CONTINUES TO FACE ITS SEXUALLY EXPLOITATIVE PAST Another day, another allegation, another publisher cancels a book

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Five

CONNECT WITH DC TO SEE WHAT THEY'RE BRINGING OUT IN JULY AND AUGUST As you may know, DC comics are no longer being distributed by Diamond in the US, and although Diamond UK will be handling DC until at least the end of the year, they will no longer be listed in Previews. DC (which, like Marvel has had its product listed in a separate catalogue distributed alongside Previews for some time) is now taking it's catalogue entirely in house with the launch of DC Connect. We have no physical copies, (as yet...) but it is available online for free. Download DC Connect #1 HERE. Download DC Connect #2 HERE. THE COMICS COMMUNITY CONTINUES TO FACE ITS SEXUALLY EXPLOITATIVE PAST We're not going into deta

What's on the Rack? Wednesday 24th June 2020

INTRO Welcome to "What's on the Rack?" New Comic Book Day, Wednesday 24th June 2020! See the full rack on the website HERE. ISSUE #1s AND BOOKS OF NOTE THIS WEEK DC IMPRINTS (SANDMAN UNIVERSE AND HILL HOUSE) DC COMICS IMAGE COMICS MARVEL COMICS NON-IMAGE INDIES THE OVER SIZED STUFF That's everything for this time - see you next week for the next "What's on the Rack?"

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Four

WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHEN WE'RE RE-OPENING, BUT EXPECT NEWS SOON Nothing it add to that really - we'll let you know. DETAILS EMERGE ABOUT SANDMAN/LOCKE & KEY CROSSOVER Joe Hill has been talking about the forthcoming crossover into the Sandman universe, confirming that Neil Gaiman is consulting on the project and suggesting that they might well not make their original October release date. Get the full details at CBR HERE. WOMEN TO FOLLOW Here are some Twitter accounts to start with, in no particular order - we welcome suggestions: Rachael Stott @RachaelAtWork Comic book artist. Clients: DC Marvel Titan Image IDW Boom Archie Jody Houser @Jody_Houser Eisner-nom comics writer. Star Wars, Strange

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Three

MICHAEL KEATON TO REPRISE HIS ROLE AS BATMAN!!!!!!!!!! Not a drill! Not an imaginary story! Keaton is in talks to return to his role as Batman in the Flash movie - which looks like it's going to be based on the "Flashpoint" story line, meaning he might well not be the only Batman. Given the less than positive views regarding the DCEU's output so far I wouldn't be surprised if they were to use the Flashpoint concept as a bit of a soft reboot - allowing them to keep the bits that worked, (so Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn and Shazam) and ditch everything else. Whatever they do, the idea that I can see Keaton say "I'm Batman" on screen again makes this aging Batfan very, very happy indeed.

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety Two

MORE CHANGES TO THE DESTINATION VENUS WEBSITE. Not a lot of news today, so just a quick bit of housekeeping. We're continuing to work on the website, and will have the full rack for Wednesday up by the end of the day for your perusal. We've also added the titles shipping in July - which is as accurate as we can make it. Titles for August will be up in the next day or so. (I'm uploading them now, so bear with me. Beyond that, I'm working on a system that will allow you to view and update your pull-list through the website. If I can make it work it'll ensure that messages don't get lost and the age old issue of "closing the excel spreadsheet without clicking save" will be eliminated. While I'm

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety One

NO HEADLINES TODAY. LET'S CALL IT A SUNDAY SERMON. An issue has blown up in the wider comics community this week that I feel I have to address head on. The way women have been treated in our community has often been very, very bad indeed and we've been ignoring it for too long. This is a business website, not a political one. But as a man who has been in and around comics for more than thirty years I feel I do have to say something. I'm not going to write it all down, it would take too long and be too ranty. (The video took three attempts and I still think it's too long and too preachy. Sorry.) I'm giving my voice, for what it's worth. Take a look at the video if you want to know my thoughts

The Daily Waffle: Episode Ninety

BE WATCHING THE WATCHMEN FOR FREE! We learned about this too late for yesterday's waffle, but HBO have made all nine episodes of the Watchmen free to view on their website this weekend. The show was critically acclaimed and although we've only watched the first episode so far we agree with that assessment. It's dark, and it's not always a comfortable watch, but it's a magnificent piece of work. And if anyone wonders - the Tulsa Massacre of 1921, depicted in Episode One? (Not a spoiler, it's where we start). A real thing that actually happened, pretty much in the way shown on the show. More HERE. THOUGHT BUBBLE'S DIGITAL CON TAKES SHAPE Another massive shout out to our friends at Thought Bubb

The Daily Waffle: Episode Eighty Nine

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! THOUGHT BUBBLE POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 - DIGITAL CON TO BE HELD IN NOVEMBER We literally just got this information, and there is still much organisation and working out the details going on behind the scenes, but our wonderful friends at Thought Bubble have made the decision that a comic convention in November this year is just not a practical possibility. It must have been a hard decision, and we just want to give them a massive shout out. They are an exceptional team of very, very good people and they're deserving of our support. Obviously we'll keep you posted as things develop. NEGAN LIVES! We really do need to talk about how amazing Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard are.

"Of course I'm drunk! It's 2020!!" The Geeks at the Gates Episode 57: Rachael Smit

The independent comic creator Rachael Smith is an old friend of the Geeks at the Gates, and has been deservedly experiencing a higher profile since she started sharing her daily (sometimes more often than daily) "Quarantine Comix" on social media. Regie met up with her over Skype for a catch-up and a chat about life in lockdown. Click on the image below to go to the download page or search for The Geeks at the Gates wherever fine pods are casted. You can follow Rachael Smith on Twitter HERE. And we really recommend that you do. We talked about her books Wired up Wrong and Stand in your Power. Click on the cover images for more information, sample pages and details of how to buy these brillia

The Daily Waffle: Episode Eighty Eight

IMMORTAL HULK TO END AT #50 Series artist Joe Benney has stated that Immortal Hulk will end with issue #50 - which means there's still a way to go for the series that has re-invigorated the character. DIAMOND TO RETURN TO WEEKLY DELIVERIES FROM 1ST JULY After weeks of shut down and a month of fortnightly deliveries, Diamond will be re-commencing weekly deliveries from Wednesday 1st July. We won't be open back at the store at that point, so we're going to need your help with that. We'll be delivering to your door - so if you have a pull list with us, please, at least until we're able to get back under the stairs, could you pay for your comics weekly, as they come in? We need to get the revenu

The Daily Waffle: Episode Eighty Seven

FORMER BATGIRL CO-WRITER ACCUSED OF PREDATORY BEHAVIOUR This is the kind of story we never want to have to cover, because it's the kind of thing we wish didn't happen. Artist and model Aviva Maï has accused comics writer and artist Cameron Stewart, probably best known recently for his run as co-writer on Batgirl, of grooming her when she was a teenager. In a series of tweets earlier this week, Maï stated that she met Stewart when she was 16 and he was in his early 30s, that they flirted via text and went on one date in 2009, then stayed in contact for some time after, with him expressing regret that he'd "missed his chance" to date her. Artist Kate Leth subsequently supported Maï, stating th

The Daily Waffle: Episode Eighty Six

DARK KNIGHT - DEATH METAL GETS FREE DIGITAL ONLY PRELUDE Death Metal, the sequel to the universe altering Metal series would be hitting the rack tomorrow were Diamond still operating a weekly delivery schedule. (It should have started back in May but was delayed by COVID-19 and it's out today in North America.) Here in the UK we have to wait until next week, but you can read a free digital only prelude over on DC's Instagram, as Wonder Woman gets a situation update from Swamp Thing. Click HERE to read it now. TROUBLE IN THE 'VERSE AS A BLUE SUN RISIES IN SEPTEMBER BOOM! has done an impressive job with its Firefly comics since it picked up the licence from Dark Horse and it is stepping up the

The Daily Waffle: Episode Eighty Four

BENDIS NOT LEAVING SUPERMAN YET It had been reported that Brian Bendis was "coming to the end of his time" on Superman. Those reports turn out to be wrong - in an interview with Jetpack Comics a few days ago Bendis said of his departure from Superman: "It’s sooooo far away. Kind of a non headline. Don’t even worry about it today." So that's that then... BAT AND CAT TO SIT OUTSIDE REGULAR DC CONTINUITY We've lost track of how long we've been waiting for Tom King and Clay Mann's Bat and Cat. Actually, no we haven't. It was originally announced for January, so six months. Now it is suggested that the series - intended as the end of Tom King's 100 issue arc that began in Batman #1 back in 2016.

The Daily Waffle: Episode Eighty Three

REST IN PEACE, DENNY O'NEIL - A GREAT WRITER, A WONDERFUL HUMAN AND THE BEST EDITOR THE BATMAN EVER HAD It's not hyperbole to say that Denny O'Neil changed my life. As a writer in the seventies and eighties he brought social justice and civil rights to the forefront of his work on Green Lantern, Batman and The Question. It was O'Neil's work that made me realise that comics, even Super-Hero comics, could tackle real issues. But that was something that I discovered after the fact. My first experience of Mr O'Neil was as the editor of the "BatBooks" in the late eighties and early nineties. Those were the comics that hooked me into the medium. His was the guiding hand on the tiller of the ship t

The Daily Waffle: Episode Eighty Two

DC COMICS AVAILABILITY IS ASSURED At least it is if they can get the prices right. We're putting in our first order with the new distributor today - for comics that we had previously ordered from Diamond, those orders having been cancelled. What we don't know yet is what the price points are going to be, because Comic Toolbox, the distributor, doesn't know either. As a result, the orders are going in on the understanding that we can cancel them if the price is too high. Comic Toolbox say their optimistic that they can keep them down to the same sort of level they were at with Diamond - but your feedback would be appreciated. If you're a customer who buys DC comics, how much more expensive wo

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