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"Similar to climbing Ben Nevis!" The Geeks at the Gates Episode Fifty Eight, in conversati

It's been a little while, but the podcast is back! Regie sat down across the internet with Chloe Green, one of the Thought Bubble organising team to find out what's happening in November, and how Thought Bubble will be carrying on in the face of a global pandemic and the fact that the venue will still be a hospital. Click the image below to go to the download page, or search for The Geeks at the Gates wherever fine pods are casted. Visit the Thought Bubble website: https://www.thoughtbubblefestival.com/ for all the info you need on the Convention and how you can get involved. Follow them on Twitter: @ThoughtBubbleUK Follow them on Instagram: /thoughtbubblefestival/ Follow them on Facebook: f

The Wednesday Waffle Episode Seven: BatPats and Spider-Women

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS WEEK'S RACK! OK - it's Wednesday, and it's time for another waffle. And come on - we have to start with this: ROBERT PATTINSON LOOKS GREAT AS BATMAN! If you were one of the people who thought Robert Pattinson would be a terrible Batman because "he was the sparkly emo vampire in Twilight" you clearly hadn't seen him in The Lighthouse, and hopefully this trailer, released as part of the DC Fandome event over the weekend will lay any such fears to rest. I always had high hopes for Matt Reeves' movie. They're a bit higher now. SUPERMAN GOES SHERLOCK And speaking of actors who were terrible in particular roles but turn out to be genuinely brilliant, We're going to digress

Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - Show notes for 20th August 2020 "Together or not at all"

So, Hat and Regie continue to corrupt Alice by dragging her through the whole of the modern era of Doctor Who. During the discussion of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Regie mentioned the very poor dinosaur effects in the classic Who story Invasion of the Dinosaurs. This is what he meant: And actually, that's perhaps not all that bad for the early seventies... Mention was also made of the Birdie Song. Please feel free to not watch this monstrosity, but if you're unfamiliar with it take a look at one of the worst things in eighties entertainment: Then in the discussion about the departure of Amy and Rory both Hat and Regie went on a bit about their jump from the roof of a building "Toegether or not

The Wednesday Waffle Episode Six - The Bloodbath continues.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS WEEK'S RACK We have more than just one story this week, but the bloodbath at DC continues... DC CULLS SEVERAL TITLES So, last week was all about DC cutting a huge swathe of staff - many of whom had been there for their entire careers - in what was described as a "bloodbath". Well, having dumped a whole bunch of staff, they've now moved on to dropping books too. Teen Titans, Young Justice, Suicide Squad, Hawkman, and John Constantine: Hellblazer will all end in November - as will Batman's Grave and Metal Men, although they were always planned to do so. Hellblazer is a particular loss - as a fan of John Constantine since the early nineties, the current run is, in our v

The Wednesday Waffle Episode Five

No video this week, as a result of internet connectivity issues, and aside from letting you know that "What's on the Rack?" will be late this week partly as a result of those same connectivity issues, and partly because the delivery is late, there's only one story really: LAYOFFS AT DC COMICS A "BLOODBATH" If you follow any people who work at DC on any of the Social Media platforms you will have seen a lot of buzz about people losing their jobs over the last couple of days. Warner Bros. - DC's parent company, was itself recently bought by AT&T, and changes have been afoot across the whole organisation for some time. Over the weekend layoffs were announced across the company, and the redundan

The Wednesday Waffle Episode Four

It's Wednesday again! Welcome to the latest Wednesday Waffle! CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS WEEK'S RACK! You can watch the video above, or read the text below - or both, they're not completely identical... Anyway, let's waffle on! MELTDOWN COMICS GONE FOREVER For twenty five years Meltdown Comics and Collectables was a fixture on Sunset Boulevard, and was the comics emporium to the stars. More than just a store, it housed a performance space for live comedy - the "Nerdmelt", and podcast recording facilities. It was one of those places - like Midtown Comics in New York - that entered the consciousness of comics fans internationally, becoming a must visit site for any comics fans visiting the city. T

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