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The Wednesday Waffle Episode Seven: BatPats and Spider-Women

OK - it's Wednesday, and it's time for another waffle. And come on - we have to start with this:


If you were one of the people who thought Robert Pattinson would be a terrible Batman because "he was the sparkly emo vampire in Twilight" you clearly hadn't seen him in The Lighthouse, and hopefully this trailer, released as part of the DC Fandome event over the weekend will lay any such fears to rest.

I always had high hopes for Matt Reeves' movie. They're a bit higher now.


And speaking of actors who were terrible in particular roles but turn out to be genuinely brilliant, We're going to digress just a bit. If we've spoken at all about Henry Cavill's portrayal of Superman, you already know how much I loathed it. And I thought a large part of my problem was with Cavill, who came across as a charisma free lump of distilled boredom.

Then I watched a couple of episodes of this:

and I thought "Hmmmm".

Then I saw this:

A shade under fifteen seconds of screen time in a trailer lasting two minutes and forty three seconds and is focused firmly on Millie Bobby Brown (who continues to impress) and he sparkles like a polished gem. Turns out Cavill is a great actor who can morph into whatever the role requires of him, and so my problem isn't with his vision of Superman, it's with Snyder's.


Another revelation from the DC Fandome was our first look at Kristen Wiig as the villain Cheetah:

We also get so see Gal Godot suited up in the Golden Eagle armour, and and generally flying around with the lasso. Which, I'll be honest, I could stand to watch a lot more of.


There were a lot of reveals and announcements over the Fandome weekend - too many to go over in a single waffle, so you can check out a rundown at IGN's website HERE.

But - in the wake of the savage culling of both staff and titles at DC over the last couple of weeks, something really stood out to me. There were very few mentions of comics. Lots of announcements about movies, video games, T.V. shows and such.

But comics? There was announcement about the welcome return of Milestone Comics line, and that was pretty much it. Perhaps I'm being a little over sensitive, but I don't think that bodes well for the future of DC as a comics publisher.


Olivia Wilde is directing an untitled female-centered Marvel movie for Sony. This we know.

The fact that it's a Sony project limits the possibilities, unless they do some kind of deal with Disney to gain access to the characters owned by Marvel and Fox - and I can't quite see what kind of deal the House of Mouse would be interested in.

So, one of the most likely candidate is Jessica Drew - the Spider-Woman. She's a Spider-Man character, so one of the properties that falls within Sony's purview, and she's one of the better known characters in the Spider-Verse.

Of course, since the success of Into the Spider-Verse she might not be as well known amongst the regular public as Gwen Stacey, the Ghost-Spider (who called herself "Spider-Woman" in Into the Spider-Verse), but that might cause some confusions with the Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield centred movies.

So, enter the Spider-Woman!


And finally some actual comics news! Titan are relaunching their Doctor Who Comic - which worried me a little bit as I'm loving the current run.

However, Jody Houser will stay on as writer, so that's good news, and the line will continue to focus on the Thirteenth Doctor as portrayed on screen by Jodie Whittaker. So that's good news too. The Tenth Doctor, as portrayed on screen by David Tennent will be co-starring, which I'm less of a fan of.

No disrespect to Ten or Tennent, and given that the Tenth Doctor remains a fan favourite version of the character - especially in the U.S. - I can see the reason for doing it. It's just that preci