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The Daily Waffle: Issue 9b

(Because I numbered yesterday's waffle as #9, and it should have been #8...) SOTHEBY'S TO AUCTION EVERY DC COMIC FROM 1936-2014 As one lot! Never have I wanted to win the lottery more! Click the image below to go to the Newsarama article. APRIL PREVIEWS ONLINE FOR FREE! As reported yesterday, click the images to go to the appropriate sections: Previews main section Previews UK pages DC, Image and Marvel Previews GIFT VOUCHERS STILL AVAILABLE Buying a few of these really will help us stay afloat. Click the image to buy a voucher you can spend when we re-open and all those lovely new comics come flooding in! Thank you everyone for your continued support. We won't forget. LOCKDOWN COMICS CHALLE

The Geeks at the Gates: COVID-19 Extras. The Art Rant! Hat explains fine art.

We're in lockdown, and going a little stir crazy. So, we're entertaining ourselves by making more podcasts, which hopefully will help to entertain you as you isolate yourself to help defeat this virus. Today we're exploring the other side of the Geek - the things our team is obsessive about that are not generally considered "geeky". There is no question that Hat is a massive nerd. But she also studied fine art, and holds a Master's Degree, no less. So, now we're all locked in our houses, she sat down across the internet and explained Fine Art to Regie, who doesn't know much about art beyond comics... Click on the image below to go directly to the download page, or search for The Geeks at the

The Daily Waffle: Issue Nine

APRIL PREVIEWS AVAILABLE ONLINE Diamond have made the April edition of Previews available online for free. Click the image below for the main bit: The UK pages can be found by clicking this image: And the DC,Image and Marvel stuff can be browsed by clicking on Batman: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY POSTPONED I should've told you this ages ago, but I kept forgetting. Free Comic Book Day is normally the first Saturday in May. It will not surprise anyone that it's been postponed. Until when is an open question - we'll let you know when we know. CULTURE! Another day another poem, this time from the Romantic school, although it's not a romance poem. Ozymandias BY PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY I met a traveller from

The Daily Waffle: Issue Seven

AGAIN, SO MANY THANKS!!! Customers continue to support us by buying gift vouchers and settling their invoices. We'll be back to normal as soon as possible, and when we can get comics out to you, we'll get them to you. PODCAST RECOMMENDATIONS Obviously, The Geeks at the Gates episodes can be found on this very website. Our recommendations for great comics focused podcasts are: WORD BALLOON Great comics conversations between host John Siuntres and a pantheon of great comics creators - seriously I don't think there's anyone he hasn't had on. Click the image below to go to his blogspot and download the latest editions. THE AWESOME COMICS PODCAST Three indie comics creators talking about comics t

An extra Waffle: Questions from a new comics reader answered.

One of the effects of the interest generated by the "Let's make Comics!" thing (the video has been viewed more than 700 times on Facebook alone) is that a lot of people who haven't ever really read comics much have seen it and had their interest sparked. I've been seriously collecting comics for more than thirty years. There are so many aspects to them which are such second nature to me now that I don't even think about them anymore, but which are strange if you haven't grown up with the conventions. So, here are some "random questions" (their words) from a new customer, with the most comprehensive answers I can give. (Which means expect this blog to be edited as I think of better ways to ex

The Daily Waffle: 28th March 2020

THERE IS NO NEWS Seriously, nothing's happening really. No word on when the delivery intended for New Comics Book Day last week will be released from Diamond UK - although it seems unlikely that will happen until current movement restrictions are relaxed - and no word on when Diamond US and Diamond International will re-start distribution, but again, it seems unlikely that anything will happen until the COVID-19 movement restrictions are relaxed. COMICS CONTEST STILL ONGOING! The video is still available to view, and the contest remains open. We want to see the comics you make! Email pics of your work to info@destinationvenus.co.uk THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!!!!!! Now more than ever, we rea

Daily Waffle Issue Five

"LET'S MAKE COMICS" CONTEST The video from yesterday's live session and full details of the comics making contest are available on a dedicated page on our website. Click the image below to go straight there: The quality of the video on the page is not always great - there is now a link on the page to take you to the Facebook version, which for reasons I don't pretend to understand is a significantly better resolution. The contest will run until the day after we are told we are no longer in lockdown. ONLINE GLITCH FOR PURCHASING GIFT VOUCHERS NOW FIXED Customers had asked about buying gift vouchers online for use once all of this is over. Thank you to everyone who bought some yesterday - and

The Daily Waffle: Issue Four

It's the fourth Daily Waffle! Watch the video above (and marvel at the fact that Regie is wearing white!) or read on! LET'S MAKE COMICS BROADCAST AND CONTEST LAUNCH LIVE AT 10.30AM! Join us on Facebook LIVE at 10.30 for the "Let's make Comics!" workshop/presentation thing. Suitable for kids of all ages - from 5 to 105! GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE! Because I can't stop the website charging the postage for a single comic I've set it up so that the total price for a single voucher is £5.00 including "postage". The postage is actually free, and the full £5.00 will be available to spend. I'll try to work out a more elegant solution later. If you buy more than one, it'll charge more

The Daily Waffle: Issue Three

Since it took all day yesterday to upload the video for embedding, we're not doing that today. If you'd rather watch the video version of this, click the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DestinationVenusComics/videos/488320082048898/ DELIVERIES ON HOLD FOR NOW Diamond went into full shutdown yesterday. This means that although they moved Heaven and Earth to get this week's stuff to the UK, it's now sitting in a warehouse in Runcorn until further notice. We'll keep you posted. In line with Government advice, we're not delivering either - at least not until we are sure that we're not carrying the virus. We like all of you far too much to bring boxes of plague to your doorste

The Daily Waffle - Issue Two

Hello! The video version of this will appear below at some point (having a dickens of a job uploading it to YouTube and Facebook won't cross-post). DELIVERIES In the light of last night's broadcast by the PM, I'm currently unclear whether the delivery I'm expecting tomorrow will actually turn up. Even if it does I'm not sure I can justify putting all of you at risk by bringing them to your houses. I don't know who packed them, or what their infection status was, for a start. I do know that if it does arrive, it'll be the last delivery from Diamond for some time. The company has gone into shut down on both sides of the Atlantic, and although they've not been verified, I've seen reports that t

The Daily Waffle - Issue One

Good morning! The Wednesday Waffle goes daily for the duration of the COVID-19 thing. If you don't want to spend time reading, there's a handy video version on our facebook page if you follow this link. https://www.facebook.com/DestinationVenusComics/videos/281326269523341/ I should have the video actually viewable on this page from tomorrow. COMICS DELIVERY THIS WEEK So. We've had confirmation from Diamond that the delivery will be with us a day late this week, so New Comic Book Day will be on Thursday, and assuming we're not on national lockdown by then, I'll be making deliveries. We'll have a full "What's on the Rack?" video on Wednesday afternoon. Obviously we want to minimise contact -

Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - Shownotes for 19th March 2020

Welcome to the show notes of the 19th March radio show, as broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio. The geeks are back playing Dungeons and Dragons. I'd put a recap of the story so far here, but there's a lot of it and it's only really of interest if you listened to the show, and if you listened to the show you got a recap there, so it seems silly to duplicate things. I will say that Regie messed up in the intro - he said there's be another instalment of his story "Shift", but there wasn't, because we couldn't fit it into the hour. We're sure you'll survive the disappointment. If you're really lucky there won't be time for it next week either. As our heroes went about their quest, mention was

What's on the Rack and Picks of the Week, Week commencing 16th March 2020

Since you can't come in to Desties and browse at the moment, we're putting the "What's on the Rack" video and the picks of the week up here for your perusal. We'll be adding stuff to this page all week, so keep checking back... WHAT'S ON THE RACK? VIDEO COMING SOON Recorded in the library of Venusian Towers PICKS OF THE WEEK STARSHIP DOWN In the heart of Siberia is a mine. And in that mine a great discovery has been made. Doctor Jocelyne Young thinks that discovery is cave paintings from the late Pleistocene. She's a cultural anthropologist, that's her line. And it's true there are such paintings. But they were not the only find. And the other thing found in the mine is of huge scientific, c

The Wednesday Waffle Issue 47: Cough like Batman - the COVID-19 update

Really? Two waffles in one week? Well, what can we say, dear reader? We truly live in interesting times... So. Further to Monday's post, things have moved on a bit. The UK government has advised people to avoid bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and other gathering places. We're not about to get political, but telling people to avoid businesses, rather than just telling businesses to close causes us all kinds of problems with things like insurace. On that level, we are somewhat miffed.* However. As we stated in Monday's edition, we are not stupid. This whole virus thing is pretty clearly out of control and whatever the government tells us to do, it would clearly be irresponsible for The Ev

The Wednesday Waffle (Early Edition) Issue 46: COVID-19 Planning

Yes, we know, it's only Monday. But this is important and we didn't want to wait. As a comic book store, we are naturally optimistic types. If we weren't, we'd be in a different line of business - people have been predicting the death of comics for longer than we've been reading them, and yet here we still are, still selling them. No, this image isn't in any way relevant, but it has a doctor on it and we don't want to use scary images of viruses and people in hazmat suits... So. We hope, we really, really hope that our current tactic of "going down the Winchester, having a nice cold pint and waiting for all this to blow over" is all that will be required. But while we're optimistic, we're no

Geeks at the Gates on the Radio: Shownotes for 12th March 2020

Scheduling issues meant that you're all stuck with Regie rambling again. Everyone is really sorry about that. So. He went on at length about how much he loved the recent series of Doctor Who. If you missed it you can check it out on the iPlayer. Then he got to recommending podcasts. First up was the daddy of all Doctor Who podcasts, the magnificent Radio Free Skaro. Click on the image to go to their website or search "Radio Free Skaro" on your podcatcher of choice. He then went on about the Doctor Who podcast "Verity". Again, click the image to go to their page. Then he recommended the podcast he euphemistically called "Behind the Bar Stewards", which is actually called "Behind the Bastards"

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