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"You can't build an Empire on a Poisonous Fruit" Geeks at the gates on the Radio 27th

Yet more D&D Adventures! But first: NOTED PASSINGS Katherine Johnson Katherine Johnson 1918 - 2020. Noted mathematician and one of the women who calculated the trajectories that took the Apollo Project to the Moon and (the tricky bit) got them back again. Click on the image for more info. JENS NYGAARD KNUDSON Jens Nygaard Knudsen 1942-2020. Lego designer responsible for the iconic "mini-figure". Click the image for more info about a man who has had a massive indluence on the early lives of a lot of geeks. SCIENCE!!! New Moon Astronomers have found a new moon - about the size of a car - orbiting the Earth. More at the end of this link... New pictures of Jupiter Not in any way radio gold - ima

"Straight for the Fish Knocker!" Geeks at the Gates on the Radio shownotes for 20th Februa

We're back around the table this week as our intrepid band begins their D&D adventure in earnest. The story so far: Three unconnected travellers - a Tiefling Sourceress called Nyx played by Alice), a Dwarvish Druid called Grit (played by Hat) and a Half-Elven Paladin called Emanon (played by Regie) have arrived in the coastal town of Helmsport, each one clutching a flyer for the "Wanderers' Guild". On arrival Grit threw up and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people, Nyx attempted shopping and Emanon ate a cockatrice. Then all three made their way up a long flight of stairs carved out of the very cliffs themselves, and we left them gazing out over the town of Helmsport. That's where we

"I don't like a dark pencil" The Geeks at the Gates on the Radio, shownotes for 13th F

At long last, the game is afoot! There was some talk of the "pinced finger" emoji, in relaytion to Alice's hand gestures. If you haven't seen it, it's this: And honestly, in terms of stuff that happens, that's about the only thing that needs to be explained. Everything else was explained in show, pretty much. I do want to add something that I had to cut from the show because of time restrictions. It's usual for Dungeons and Dragons players to have a little inch high figurine to represent them in the battles they fight in the game. You can buy these, but Liz, who is an exceptional designer and computer genius created and 3D printed bespoke figurines for each of us, and presented them at the s

Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - Shownotes for the 6th February 2020 show: Regie's Scientific R

Life and stuff continues to keep the team apart, so you're stuck with Regie rambling on again. This time he's gone all science geek on you... He started off looking at the Sunday February 2nd episode of Doctor Who entitled Praxius. Given the opening of the show he began by name checking all of the British born folk who have ventured into Space. For the record, they are as follows - click on their image to go to an external page with more information on each of them. For the record, this is what heroes look like. HELEN SHARMAN MICHAEL FOALE PIERS SELLERS NICHOLAS PATRICK GREG JOHNSON TIM PEAKE Regie approved of the depiction of an astronaut returning in a Soyuz capsule, which is what happens.

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