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Where has "What's on the Rack?" gone?! A passive aggressive rant...

Hello! How are you? It's been a minute and I know that some of you are wondering where we've been and why the website hasn't updated in a couple of weeks.

Well, essentially, last week's delivery - the one due to hit the rack for New Comic Book Day 13th March - mostly didn't arrive. We were told that the bulk of our stuff had been sent somewhere else in error, and that we'd have it in a couple of days.

So, like an idiot - because it's not as though this is the first time this has happened - I took our suppliers at their word and figured I'd update the website and post "What's on the Rack?" when the stuff got to us.

It didn't get to us.

I spoke with our suppliers daily. Daily I was assured that they knew where the missing box was, that it was on the way back to their offices and as soon as they got it they'd send it directly to us.

Nothing arrived.

Fast forward a week, to last Tuesday, 19th March. This week's stuff, for yesterday's New Comic Book Day, 20th March arrived. But having spoken (again) to our suppliers who (again) assured me that we'd have all the missing stuff by 20th March I figured, "eh, it's been this long, I'll leave it until everything else is in too."

And yesterday, having (again) been assured that "no, really, this time, honestly, stuff is on it's way..." I got a text from Parcel Force telling me that my delivery from our suppliers would be delivered today. And so I thought "YAY! Tomorrow I'll do a massive "What's on the Rack?" post and put two week's worth of racks on the website!"

This morning, Thursday 21st March, I got another text from Parcel Force confirming that my delivery would arrive between 11.30am and 12.30pm. Ar around ten to twelve, sure enough a parcel force van arrived. "Thank goodness!" thought I - finally I can let our customers have the titles they've been waiting for.

However. The nice man from Parcel Force was bearing not a large box, but a twister mailer. The twister mailer was not employing T.A.R.D.I.S. technology and so did not have room inside for all of the titles that were missing. I asked the nice man from Parcel Force to check that there wasn't another box.

There was not.

And so, another phone conversation with our supplier. Actually, several conversations. I am now assured that everything we're missing save for a couple of issues that they just don't have has been put into a box and sent out as a priority this afternoon.

No word on the box from last week that they already told me was on the way.

I'll let you know what happens...


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