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Geeks at the Gates Podcast: Episode 24 - Celebrating Stan

The Geeks at the Gates Podcast has been on hiatus pretty much since Destination Venus relocated. Well, now it's back with four of the regular Geeks - Regie, Hat, Jack and Steve, getting together to celebrate the life, genius and legacy of Stan Lee.

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It was good to get the old gang back together - and although the subject for discussion was somewhat sombre, we believe that the life of Stan Lee is to be celebrated, not mourned.

This episode, like almost all previous episodes, was recorded in Unit 8, The Westminster Arcade - the old home of Destination Venus. It is currently occupied by Regie's Mum and her store selling Russian Dolls and other hand crafted goods.

We were surrounded by what felt like a few hundred thousand Matrioshka Dolls, which we agreed were - while quite cute in small groups, were downright unnerving en-masse. What do you reckon?

Look. Just trust us. These images don't do it any kind of justice...

Mention was also made of a bear. This is him: