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The Geeks at the Gates: Episode Thirty Four - Thought Bubbles and Marvelous Captains

WE DID IT!!!!! We finally managed to get three Geeks around a table - with huge thanks to new Geek Alice, who is joined by founding Geeks Regie and Jack as they collectively squee over the move of Thought Bubble from Leeds to Harrogate, and then consider whether the Captain Marvel movie was any good. (Spoilers - they loved it...)

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So, we first discussed the astonishing news that the Thought Bubble Comic Convention is moving from Leeds to the Geek's home town of Harrogate. Details can be found on the Thought Bubble Website. We heartily recommend you get yourself some tickets - TBubs is the best weekend of the year.

After that, we considered the Captain Marvel movie. The only issue we had there was that Regie couldn't remember what Carol Danvers' U.S.A.F. partner was called. Alice thought it was Maria Rambeau, and she was right. (Played by British actor Lashana Lynch. Later, none of us could remember the name of Rabeau's daughter, who helps Danvers sort out her new suit design. (We are, as has previously veen established, terrible at names...) She was Monica Rambeau, played by Akira Akbar. Interesting point. On IMDB Akbar is credited as Monica Rambeau (11 Years old). Give that young Monica does not show up as an older version in Captain Marvel thre's a good chance we might see the character in Endgame (she'd be 34 years old now) or a future Captain Marvel sequel.

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