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"What's on the Rack?" Issue #26: New Comic Book Day 30th June 2021

"Wooooooooaaaaaaaahhhh we're half way theeeeeere - WooooooOOOOOAAAAHHHH LIIIIIIVIN' ON A PRAAAAAAYEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yep. It's been a weird year so far, and in many ways it feels that we haven't gotten started. But here we are. Rack #26 of 52. Half way though 2021. We can't believe it either, but here we are.

So. It's a smallish rack this week, and you can

or, you can just skim through our highlights below:



Felicia Hardy's vacation is interrupted when a layover in South Korea turns into an insane caper. This caper is a deadly journey across Seoul, where she comes face to face with Taegukgi, White Fox and Tiger Division (from TASKMASTER #3)!

And what does this have to do with the Infinity Stones? Find out this June!

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Part 3 (of 8) of 'Infinite Fury'! 40 PGS.


Rated T+


Father Valley is a mystery. His unusual style as a hit man, his habit of keeping a bible designated for each of his targets, his macabre and particular method of elegant savagery, his insistence on waiting until his target has reached their highest point before he strikes them down-these are all strange and enigmatic traits that have remained unexplained...until now.

Bear witness to Father Valley's past with the Order of St. Dumas, and his unexpected connection with Azrael, to learn the method to of his madness.