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"What's on the Rack?" New Comic Book day 14th June 2023

And suddenly, here we are in the middle of June! The sun is shining, the air is hot and it's the perfect time to settle down in the shade with a few comics. And here's a funny thing - we've got a whole rack FULL of great new comics for you to enjoy!

Click on our cover of the week below to browse the whole rack online, or scroll on down to check out our highlights and first issues. Don't forget we're open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 1pm and 5.30pm and Saturday 11am to 5.30pm so come on down and see the everything live and in person!


Banished from the throne and a fugitive in his own homelands, T'Challa still can't leave Wakanda without its sworn protector.

A king without a crown, he finds new purpose lurking the streets and shadows of the Wakandan city that bears his father's name, BIRNIN T'CHAKA.

New direction, new villains, new creative tea - get in on the ground floor of Marvel's next smash hit!

Rated T+

Written by Greg Rucka, William Messne