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"What's on the Rack?" New Comic Book Day 25th January

January continues, and the great comics keep on coming! Highlights this week include the return of Power Pack and John Constantine, so there is most definitely something for everyone!

Click on our cover of the week below to browse the whole rack online, or scroll on down to see the first issues that hit the rack this week!

A Groundbreaking New Era for Comics, Characters, and Creators Begins Here!

From the powerhouse creative collective that is Ghost Machine comes an extra-sized 48-page special introducing its all-new shared universes of strange, fun, and action-packed characters: Geiger! Redcoat! Rook! The Rocketfellers! And many, many more!

What ties Geiger, Redcoat, Widow X, and the other mysterious, historical heroes of The Unnamed together?

Why is Rook the key to saving the war-torn world of Exodus?

How will everyone's soon-to-be-favourite family of the future adapt to a new life in the present?

The stories all start now!

Creators you know. Characters you'll love. This is Ghost Machine.

Written and illustrated by Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Geoff Johns, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter Tomasi, Maytal Zchut, and more!