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Geeks at the Gates Episode 29: "An insufficiency of Redheads" - Superteams! Part One

The geeks meet up in a new venue - Regie has a sound engineering nightmare (no joke, apologies for the occasionally poor audio in this episode) and everyone puts together a team of heroes.

Click the image of America Chavez (one of the Geek's picks for their team) to go to the download page or search for The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts.

Regie mentioned Batgirls's "Yellow Doc Martens" costume, as drawn by Babs Tarr, as his preferred itteration of the character. That's because she looks like this:

And this is awesome!

(He likes the new costume too, which looks like this:

which is also awesome, but slightly less awesome - at least in his opinion...)

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