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"This Generation's Star Wars": The Geeks at the Gates Episode 38 - Endgame Part 2

Steve, Helen Alice and Regie are back, with the end of their discussion of Avengers: Endgame - although as usual there are some digressions along the way...

Click the image below to go to the download page, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your posdcasts.

Steve was a very big fan of the track "Portals" from the Avengers soundtrack. We're going to encourage you not to play it on a loop for three hours, but the extended eight minute version can be found on YouTube here.

Steve also mentioned Kevin Fiege's presentation introducing Phase Three of the MCU, which can be seen here.

The Geeks at the Gates is a copyright production of Venus Rising Media, featuring music by Stephen G. Saunders. All rights are reserved, but feel free to share with attribution.

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