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"Big Red Eye WOOOOMMB!" Spaceships part one - The Geeks at the Gates Radio Shownotes for 1

We're cheating. All the geeks are busy - Ian has art deadlines, Hat and Liz are moving house, Matt's doing publishing stuff, Regie is up to his eyeballs in Thought Bubble and UCI preparations, Steve and Helen are doing the quiz thing, Jack is getting out and doing VoxPod and all the geeks on the rosta who have kids are dealing with the whole back to school thing.

We're a bit cavalier with the podcast schedule, if we can't record, we can't record - you can do that when you're a podcast - but Radio waits for nobody, so since we can't get Geeks in a room this week (although Regie is working on something kinda cool - watch this space...) and our radio listeners haven't heard it, this is a re-edited episode of The Geeks at the Gates recorded in 2016 - back when "The Old Shop" was just "The Shop", before Destination Venus moved into the Everyman Cinema - although the move was imminent, and Helen refers to it.

Matt, Hat, Helen and Regie met up to pick their top five Science Fiction spacecraft, and had a genuinely fun chat. Spoilers will follow for several science fiction properties...

Matt's first pick was the Millenium Falcon. We don't care how not geeky you are, you know what that is, but just in case...

Then Helen broke Regie's heart and took the Firefly class transport ship Serenity. Slightly more niche, so this is her:

But seriously, if you like SciFi and haven't seen the TV show "Firefly" and the spin off movie "Serenity", just go and get the blu-ray and watch them. It was perfection. Season 2 was just spectacular!*

Hat's first pick was the Normandy SR-2 from the video game Mass Effect:

Regie's first pick would have been serenity, but since she was taken, he went straight for the T.A.R.D.I.S.