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The Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - Shownotes for Thursday 24th October Episode "An insuffici

The geeks (For this edition they were Helen and Steve, Claire, Hat, Matt and Regie) got together to select their very own super-teams - who chose what, and how many times did Steve pick Simon Pegg?

Here's how it broke down:


Helen picked Mal Reynolds, Captain of the Firefly class transport ship Serenity - from the TV show Firefly and the Movie Serenity. If you don't know these science fiction gems, you should seek them out.

Captain Malcom Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) pointing a handgun at your face. Don't worry, he probably won't shoot...

Steve Picked Nick Angel, the Super Cop in a small English village from the movie Hot Fuzz.

Nicholas Angel, from Hot Fuzz

Claire Picked Toothless the dragon from the movie How to train your Dragon.

Toothless, from How to Train your Dragon

Hat picked the Marvel super-hero America Chavez. She noted that although America is a character from modern times, she did, in her first solo issue, travel through time to punch Hitler. This is her doing that:

Matt Chose Indianna Jones - and if we need to explain who that is you're listening to the wrong show...