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"Human Stupidity will be the end of us." The Geeks at the Gates Episode 53 Corrupting Alic

Meeting up over the miracle that is Skype (hence some less good audio quality than we'd normally accept at some points) Hat and Regie get together with Alice to continue discussing her exploration of Doctor who. Join us as we romp through quite a lot of the Eleventh Doctor's tenure...

Click the image to go to the podcast download page, or search The Geeks at the Gates wherever fine pods are casted.

We quoted Corporal Hicks from Aliens. Here's the clip in full. (There's an F Bomb in this video, so bear that in mind when clicking.)

We also discussed the difference between the classic Silurians and the Modern Who versions.

Here's the classic:

And here's Madame Vastra, the most well known modern Silurian:

We ended with Vincent and the Doctor - one of the best episodes of the show ever.

We talked about the "Starry Night" sequence - as seen here:

And we talked about the "For Amy" sequence:

And of course, we talked about the ending. Hankies at the ready...

And that's quite enough for now.

The Geeks at the Gates is a copyright feature from Venus Rising Media, featuring music by Steven G. Saunders (c)2020. All rights are reserved.

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