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The Geeks at the Gates: Comics, Caffine and Junk Food - The Matt Garvey Interview

Regie sat down across the internet with the independent comics writer Matt Garvey to discuss his work, his methods and how on Earth he manages to come up with so many ideas.

Matt's first influence was the Adam West Batman TV show. We both acknowledged that as kids we took it completely seriously. As you see from the clip below, it was in fact the campest thing ever to happen on a screen...

We then talked (alot) about the Thought Bubble Festival. Covid willing this massive comics convention will be returning to Harrogate in November and you really should go because it's the best weekend of the year. Full details HERE.

Matt spoke about his YouTube channel, which you can check out HERE.

Regie mentioned the infamous picture of Captain America drawn by artist Rob Liefeld. We make no further comment and leave it to your judgement:

Captain America by Rob Liefeld
Captain America by Rob Liefeld

And that was about that - except Matt insisted that we shouldn't tell you how to find his website t buy his work because he wanted you to buy it from Destination Venus. We'd like you to do that too, but since we're currently locked down, we strongly recommend that you check it out HERE.

And that's about it for now! We'll be back next week with more geeky goodness, but until then, be kind you yourself, be kind to everybody else, but above all else, stay safe, stay geeky until the next time we meet at the Gates.