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"What's on the Rack?" for New Comic Book Day 5th July 2023

It's July!!!!!!!! Not to worry you but half of the year has gone...

On the other hand, it's another bumper month of awesome comics. Click on our cover of the week below to browse the whole of this week's rack online or scroll on down to check out the first issues and other highlights!

It's 1918- the early days of the barnstorming era, when pilots competed with each other by performing deadlier and more wondrous feats, as we've never seen it before!

Pilot John Baron is back from the frontlines of the war, where he was injured. At eighteen-years-old, he's an adventurer who lives his life traveling from town to town in his plane, entertaining folks across the country, most of whom have never seen a car, let alone a plane.

His world changes when he meets Helen, a young woman who shares his passion for aviation and adventure.

They become a traveling act, flying from town to town, delighting folks with their antics. Helen even becomes John's wing-walker, climbing out on the wing of the plane mid-flight to perform death-defying acrobatics.

Along the way they bond, confessing their secrets, and begin a romance in this lush, character-driven series that explores the early days of aviation and the evolving relationship and romance between two young pilots.



After the harrowing events of CAPTAIN AMER